Animal Welfare requires idealism, time and support

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Our Animal Welfare Group, based in Mani, needs support. In an area where life was always tough and where unemployment and poverty are major issues again it seems that help for the humans is more important than help for the animals. Whilst this is undoubtably true we believe that our responsibility goes further than this and that we must have respect for our surroundings and nature. Such respect must include the welfare of the animals, both wild and domesticated, and this is the bedrock upon which MIAO (the Mani International Animal Organisation) was founded.

Animal Welfare therefore is a large and comprehensive subject and urgently needs public support.

Within our area we are in contact with the local community and we present our organisation at schools and with stalls at public events.

To be networking with similar minded people in other parts of Greece as well as in other countries is an extremely important reason for our success.